Bigfoot vs Jet Car in a 1/8 Mile Showdown

By | September 27, 2013
When you think of a drag race, you may imagine actual drag cars, but this wouldn't be 'Murica if we didn't put our own spin on it. Down at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Bigfoot monster truck and a jet-powered drag car race each other down the 1/8 mile track. Who do you think will win, the giant truck with the massive tires or the tiny car with a jet engine? This race wouldn't be complete without a pre-show, where our hero--for all intents and purposes--Bigfoot shows his strengths. First up on the competition block is another monster truck, Snake Bite. After some warm-up time, both trucks bolt down the track, flags waving proudly behind them. We half-expected to see Bigfoot toting an American flag behind it. To emphasize the overall redneck appeal, the individuals putting on the race knew it had to be at a venue that felt like home. "The Strip" seemed like the perfect backdrop for the event, especially with the blinking "e" on the sign in the background. Check out the video below to get your fill of this typical "Watch This!" redneck moment. Luckily, nobody ended up injured. This time, anyway. Source: lvmsstripvideo via YouTube