Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart Brings the Fancy

By Matthew Askari | July 23, 2013
Ever wish you could have warm air circulated around your neck and shoulders while driving a golf cart? Luckily, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart whips out the fancy features, and boasts enough niceties to help distract you from your miserable golf game. Designed to be a "golf car," this study of a futuristic golf cart really has some unique features. Shown off at the British Open in Scotland this past week (Congratulations, Phil Mickelson!) the Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart has a head-up display integrated into the windshield that can display the course layout, updated weather information, and even the status of your current game.
As we recently experienced on the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercdes likes to get creative with its luxury touches. What does this mean for a golf cart? It means the "AIRSCARF" (not a screaming scarf, despite its name) feature that "wraps the neck and shoulder area in warm air," as seen on the SLK Roadster a couple of years ago. The seats can also be climate controlled, and you can add on lightweight doors easily by clicking them on, if the weather gets testy. But wait, there's more! Bluetooth for the iPad and iPhone are available, and even the cupholders have a heated and cooling function to keep that morning coffee hot or that afternoon beer cool. Or vice versa. Golf responsibly.
The Mercedes-Benz Golf cart is electrically powered, can be plugged in to charge, or you can draw power from its roof-mounted solar panel. A joysticks controls all the steering. Should Mercedes build this zany cart? Would you request your course get one? Source: Mercedes-Benz