Black Friday Shopping Tip: Get a Safe Family Hauler

By Automotive Staff | November 23, 2012
It's Black Friday, the day we all rush out in a tryptophan haze and try to score the best possible deal on the biggest possible TV we can find. And look at you! You did it! But are you going to fit 72 inches of high-definition viewing bliss in your compact sedan? Clearly, it's time for a bigger vehicle. So get a crossover. Sure they're everywhere, but for good reason: They combine the cargo and passenger hauling utility of a minivan, and the rugged looks of an SUV, but without a big fuel economy penalty. After all, even if you only carry you, your spouse, and your two kids most of the time, it's a good bet your kids have friends, and it's a good bet your kids' friends are going to want to come along for the ride at some point, right? Believe us, that third row comes in reallyhandy.
But what about safety? Well, we've compiled a list of the 10 safest three-row crossovers on the market today, and we've limited the list to vehicles with a base price that's below $40,000...sometimes, well under $40,000. All these vehicles have done well in crash tests, have standard stability and traction control, and many have available features like lane-keep assist, active cruise control, and other modern safety technology to keep you--and your brood--safe on the road. That is, until you do battle with the shopping hordes at the mall. You're on your own there.