Blake Griffin and Jack McBrayer Join Forces in New Kia Ads

By | October 30, 2013
Kia has brought back NBA start Blake Griffin for another round of Kia Optima commercials. Joining him in the eight all-new commercials is comedian Jack McBrayer. The duo will portray a crime-fighting team that are trying to "save the world, one Kia Optima at a time." Clad in red jumpsuits and capes, these commercials are sure to have audiences laughing. Looking back at the previous ad campaign featuring Griffin, the Kia Optima was overshadowed by the all-star, and it seems like Kia has set itself up to have the spotlight stolen once again. The new campaign will offer the same humor as the previous set of commercials, and will run during the entire NBA season, which kicks off this week. "At Kia, we are fans of the game of basketball, and we are excited to welcome the return of the NBA with a new campaign, featuring the dynamic duo of our global brand ambassador, Blake Griffin, and his new sidekick, Jack McBrayer, along with the redesigned 2014 Optima," commented Michael Sprague, executive vice president of marketing and communications, in a recent statement. The first commercial has already been released, showing the "Griffin Force" in action, and although the Kia Optima has a larger part in the commercial than the previous campaign, the comedic performances of McBrayer and Griffin shine over the redesigned model. Take a look at the newest commercial below and see if you think that the Kia Optima has stolen the spotlight back. Source: Kia