2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible: A Proper Introduction

By | October 16, 2013
The 2014 BMW 4 Series originally debuted earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, and had many asking, "What's a 4 Series?" Replacing the BMW 3 Series coupe, the new 4 Series offers better styling, and is more practical for passengers and cargo. Along with the introduction of the new coupe, BMW has unveiled the 4 Series Convertible. Before BMW had a chance to officially launch the convertible variant of the 4 Series coupe, a French forum beat them to it. This forum posted the actual images shot by the automaker, showing a lower and wider stance than the 3 Series convertible it replaces. In a recent video launched by BMW, Domagoj Dukec, head of exterior design for the automaker, talks about the all-new 4 Series convertible. Right away we can see a difference between the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series when looking at the front end. The iconic BMW grille is wider and thinner, with hood lines that draw your attention to the grille and the road.
The cabin sits more upright than the coupe, and has a long rear deck that expresses the typical boat character of BMW convertibles. The interior was designed with both luxury and sporty characteristics, with the sport aspects seen in the seats and center stack, while the interior expresses luxury through the leather and deco trim. According to Dukec, the 2014 BMW 4 Series convertible expresses everything a BMW should be--dynamic, sporty, and exclusive. Source: BMW via YouTube