BMW and Mercedes go American on Emission Standards

By Automotive Staff | September 25, 2008
Do you remember the reactions that GM's VP of Product Development Bob Lutz received when he said that the US should have a moritorium crash testing and allow cars that meet Euro NCAAP standards to be qualified for sale?The mix of disbelief that such a large organization would need the help of their government to get cars here? Well, it seems the Germans wouldn't mind some help as well. BMW development chief Klaus Draeger and Daimler’s head of research, Thomas Weber, have agreed that the world's governments should agree on one set of emissions requirements so that cars would be less costly to develop. Heck, Lutz only asked for a hold on American standards, these guys want the whole world to cooperate on one unified standard. Yet, such is the current economic climate that automakers worldwide are beginning to echo each other's sentiment. The two German heads also suggested that the world's auto makers should work together in their development of electric vehicles and push towards common components like batteries, lowering costs. Our take? It makes sense all around. We as auto enthusiast should hope that such a thing happens. Unified standards and components may be the only things that will keep prices in check, and low enough for the average man to be able to own an auto, and for we enthusiast to justify the costs of our toys. via Automobile Magazine