BMW Commercial Reminds Viewers to Keep Their Head in the Right Place

By Jacob Brown | May 02, 2012
Ah, Brazil, the seemingly enchanted vacation spot filled with beautiful women and a cadre of activities designed to pamper your mind and body. How we wish we could go there right now; how BMW completely owns an understanding of the male mind. In its latest 45-second spot called "Head," BMW sets the mood with a sepia-tinted scene of the vacation destination, looking like it came straight out of our wildest Instagram-enriched imaginations. But there's something different about the commercial's star—notably he doesn't seem to have a good head on his shoulders. We're not going to ruin it for you on how it plays out, but it's all related to BMW cleverly demonstrating its lane departure warning system in the 5 Series luxury sedan. Just to give you a heads up (pun intended), there's a scene at the six-second mark that may not be suitable for work, showing the exploits of a nude beach. If you can get past that, though, we don't think you'll mind the matter in this commercial.

Source: BMW via Vimeo