BMW Concept X4 Breaks Cover; Can SAV Lightning Strike Twice?

By Jacob Brown | April 04, 2013
One wouldn't think that BMW's narrow fold of market share in the "Sport Activity Coupe" segment it created would be all that lucrative. Through the first three months of 2013, BMW has peddled just 1,264 X6s in the U.S., or about a tenth of the larger, more useful X5's sales. Yet BMW considers it an overwhelming success--primarily due to its popularity in China--and has defiantly created this, the BMW Concept X4, which the company says it will build in 2014.
At 183 inches long, it's the same length as the boxier 2013 BMW X3. It also shares the X3's 110.6-inches between its front and rear wheels, a measurement known as wheelbase. Despite this, outside of some details, it looks nothing like the crossover on which it's based.
The Long Beach Blue--we like the name and love the color--BMW Concept X4 sits 1.5 inch lower than the X3, with curving rear flanks and and a wedged roofline that shares a similar shape to the larger X6's. New among BMW cues that will trickle to other models is the X4's hexagonal headlight "Angel Eye" rings, although we're not expecting its full LED headlights to be standard fare on the production version.
Capping the X4's look is its double-spoke five-point wheels, measuring 21 inches in diameter. Matte black contrasts the bright blue paint. BMW says the BMW Concept X4 will be produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina, when it reaches production next year, alongside the BMW X3, X5, and X6. The smaller BMW X1 is produced for our market in Germany.
BMW has recently started calling all of its four-door wagons, crossovers, and sedans odd numbers, such as the 3 Series, while even numbers have been given to coupes, convertibles, four-door Gran Coupes, and Sport Activity Coupes with more rakish lines. BMW did not give us any specifics for what's under the hood of the Concept X4, but we assume it will come with the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder from the X3 that has 240 horsepower, optional 300-horsepower, 3.0-liter inline-6, and potentially a diesel option, all paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive.
So why did BMW wait until after the 2013 New York Auto Show to debut this loosely disguised production vehicle? Well, remember what we said about the bigger BMW X6 being a hit in China? BMW's banking on the same thing happening with this smaller version, and he BMW Concept X4 will make its formal debut in a few weeks at the Shanghai Auto Show. Source: BMW