BMW ConnectedDrive Camera Commercial Shows Cars Can be Awesome Wingmen, Too

By Jacob Brown | September 03, 2012
There are few things more intimidating than taking a date to a high school dance. BMW is quick to illustrate this fact. BMW is also quick to illustrate how well its ConnectedDrive suite works. Featuring more camera, radars, and sensors than you thought possible to stick into a car, as well as available navigation, Bluetooth, text-to-speech, and a lot of other functions, ConnectedDrive has become the go-to for going to—or coming from—places safely in the German automaker's cars. In a new TV commercial from BMW, it illustrates this point clearly when a guy picks up his date for what we assume is a dance. Relieved and beyond excited, he does what any red-blooded male teenage would do: makes the international hand signals to himself that the girl is hot and this one is in the bag. The only problem is he does it in full view of the backup camera...with her looking on. Did he screw up a good thing? We won't spoil it for you too much. But we will say this ad shows why teenagers need to stop being dweebs and start taking interest in driving again. What do you think?

Source: BMW via YouTube