BMW Considers 1 Series Sedan, a Fairly Inevitable Conclusion

By Jacob Brown | April 22, 2013
BMW, which has made common practice of creating new segments and niches to grow its sales numbers, is considering yet another one: a 1 Series sedan. For anyone following trends in the automotive market, this shouldn't strike you as anything too surprising. Mercedes-Benz has its CLA-Class, and Audi just officially unveiled its 2014 A3 sedan at the Beijing Motor Show, unofficially last month at a private gathering during the New York Auto Show. At the Beijing Motor Show, an executive told Auto Express that it's a possibility; an inevitability, as far as we're concerned.
In China, the small "C-segment" market comprises 5.5 million cars. German luxury makes are hot-sellers over there. "BMW is never shy of new segments," Ian Robertson, head of BMW's sales and marketing said in an interview with the outlet. "There are no plans to do it at the moment, but do we want to do it? We’ll see…" BMW is expected to bring a new compact coupe to the U.S. in 2015 when the current 1 Series coupe leaves our market. The new car will be called the BMW 2 Series, and it will spawn a coupe and a convertible. It is also likely that a sedan will come from it, as there is a 1 Series hatchback that comes in a five-door model outside of the U.S. In BMW's new naming structure, sedans and five-doors are odd numbers, and two-doors and four-door coupes are even numbers. BMW also has its Concept Active Tourer, its front-wheel-drive car that's based on the next Mini Cooper, slated to join BMW's lineup in the next few years. We were told in a brief chat with a North American BMW executive that the front-wheel-drive BMW may never come to the U.S. If it did, the exec said, it would be years off. In any case, the small luxury segment is booming, from the Buick Verano to the Acura ILX to even the anticipation that has come with the promise of a sub-$30,000 Mercedes-Benz. BMW realizes this, which is why it has introduced the 2014 BMW 320i to its U.S. lineup, starting at $33,445, including $895 for destination and handling. With the compact luxury cars like the 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class creeping up in size and price, it makes sense for the automakers to fill their lineups with cheaper, smaller offerings that take the place of where their old models used to be. It would be naive to think BMW isn't already planning a smaller sedan behind closed doors. Source: Auto Express
Gb Muthu
Gb Muthu

BMW for its existing line up of cars seems to be committed to the 50/50 weight distribution and the RWD layout. It will therefore never do a cab-forward, FWD layout which are absolutely necessary to liberate meaningful space at the rear of cars as small as the 1 series. Design engineers will question the need for putting dedicated doors at the rear for space that trivial. There is the 5 door 1 series hatch but a sedan?! I therefore doubt that there would ever be a 1 series 4 door sedan in the existing lineup. A coup sedan of course we already .