BMW CS to be Basis of Next Generation 8-Series?

By Automotive Staff | October 31, 2007
Remember BMW's four-door gran turismo concept, the CS? We reported on it a couple of months ago here. In our best Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" The Bavarians are gonna build it. confirms BMW will definitely bring a car based on the CS to market (the CS is officially just a concept study)... sometime. When it finally does arrive, it'll be a four-door coupe in the Mercedes CLS definition of the contradiction. Bigger than a 7-Series but sportier than even a 6-Series, the CS may see showrooms within the next three to five years, as Design Chief Adrian van Hooydonk has stated the design cycle is at least three. Everybody from Porsche to Audi to Aston Martin is getting in on the "four-door coupe" craze, if we're ready to call it a craze, so it's hardly a surprise BMW decided to move ahead with its admittedly very cool looking concept. As stated previously, the 7-Series will always represent the top of the BMW range, although not the most extreme example of its engineering and performance prowess. Ultimate driving machine has many meanings for many people, and it looks like the CS will only enhance the range of possibilities for that slogan holding onto its meaning.