BMW Engine Fire Recall Spreads To the Rolls-Royce Ghost

By Blake Z. Rong | November 02, 2011
Last month’s BMW recall serves as a haunting reminder to Rolls-Royce’s secretive, unmentionable German parentage: turns out, the holy Rollers share the same potentially combustible water pump. Yes, the staid, stately British brand has hidden its Teutonic ownership rather successfully so far—but like Pip in Great Expectations, sometimes it’s harder to disguise the Ghost’s hoi polloi underpinnings. With its twin-turbocharged V12, the Ghost shares the same cooling system as turbocharged BMW models; and on these engines an electronic circuit board could overheat and (ironically enough) set the water pump—as well as the rest of the engine—on fire. The 589 Rolls-Royce Ghost owners affected might not seem like a big bunch, and luckily no cases of engine fires have been reported. But as a flaming car is rather uncouth in many social circles, we still suggest that they call their white-gloved manservants to ready the chauffeur, in order to deliver their motor-car for a proper servicing by Rolls-Royce boffins. And if they have any further questions, they can have their personal assistant contact Rolls-Royce at (877) 877-3735.
Source: Wall Street Journal