BMW, General Motors, Toyota standardizing Electric Car Plug

By Automotive Staff | April 22, 2009
We all know that the plug in electric car is coming. And we all know that the plug-in hybrid vehicle is already here. So it is obvious that there is a need for a standard plug that can be used by all plug in vehicles. Well, it turns out that leading automotive manufacturers and energy companies have reached an agreement on a standardized plug, according to RWE, an energy company based in Germany. Some of the automakers involved include Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Toyota and Mitsubishi. The standards allow the plug to be used to recharge a vehicle in a variety of countries. The 400 volt plug features three points for plug into a socket or outlet. So far no schedule has been announced concerning the introduction of the plug as negotiations between companies are still underway.
via Gas2