BMW i3 Stretched to Create New i5

By | November 26, 2013
BWM recently showed off the i3 electric vehicle at Los Angeles Auto Show, and plans are already in the works for a completely new model lineup. The luxury automaker plans to stretch the i3's platform to create a range from i1 through i8. The next model that will fall under the "i" sub-brand will be the i5. The goal with the new model will be to add three inches to the overall length and just over five inches to the rear overhang, which will create a new, spacious family electric vehicle. The new model is expected to be just under 14 feet, making it barely longer than a Mini Countryman. The automaker believes that stretching the current i3 model will save more money than stretching a conventional steel body. BMW will simply extend the aluminum extrusions of the current i3 chassis. Even when looking at the rest of the body, since it is constructed out of plastic that has been reinforced with carbon fiber, stretching the roof and floor sections will be relatively easy. Although not much is known about the future i5 model, it may need to use a more powerful range extender than what is in the i3, as it will undoubtedly be heavier and carry a larger load. More information on the new model will be announced as it becomes known, but we don't expect to see the new model until late 2015. Source: Autocar UK
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