BMW M Laptimer Ready for Prime Time

By | October 05, 2013
BMW has released its new data acquisition app for BMW Apps equipped vehicles. Previewed in June this year, this new enthusiast-focused iPhone app gathers data from a multitude of advanced vehicle sensors, giving drivers an overview on how they did, and where they can improve. Intended for track use only, driver's can still able to record data on a favorite canyon road, and view their performance just as they would on a track, like the world-famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. This new app really gives the BMW enthusiast everything he or she needs to put up faster lap times and improve overall driving skills. Some of the features include braking, lateral and acceleration G-force, throttle, engine speed in order to see shift points, fuel efficiency, ambient temperature and steering angle. The most important feature though is the ability to share your track sessions with friends and compare lap times side by side. It does this through a "ghost mode" comparison that lets you see both cars going around your course allowing you to fast forward, rewind, and pull up any of the onboard sensors for a comparison. Being able to visually see where you braked too early, or had the wrong entry angle is valuable and something that will help to improve your driving skills significantly. The BMW M laptimer can now be downloaded free from iTunes.