BMW Makes ConnectedDrive Standard for Most 2014 Models

By Jacob Brown | July 01, 2013
When you can get a subcompact car with navigation, touchscreens, telematics systems, or even a 360-degree camera system, you'd think luxury cars that start well above $30,000 would have some of these same technologies as standard equipment. If you've been driving a BMW, you know that's simply not been the case, until 2014 that is. As we reported, the 2014 BMW range will be getting an upgraded ConnectedDrive telematics suite almost across the board. What we didn't report is that it will be standard on most every model, too. The upgraded ConnectedDrive system features BMW's latest iDrive 4.2 software that has split-screen functionality, 3D navigation maps, a cleaner interface, and Bluetooth audio streaming. On all but the BMW X3 and 6 Series convertible, BMW is also adopting a touchpad on top of the iDrive control knob so users can write out individual characters with their fingers.
BMW is also making its BMW Assist eCall service standard on all but the X6 and some ActiveHybrid 3 Series models. Previously, the service had been a $650/four-year plan that would notify first responders of an accident and what happened, whether the car flipped, and any other vital information that the car recorded in its black box, similar in concept to what General Motors' OnStar service will do. BMW Assist also comes with a maintenance reminder that helps schedule service appointments for up to 10 years without an additional subscription as part of its TeleService program. A concierge service will come as standard equipment on all eight- and 12-cylinder engine, but it can be optioned on some models for $100 per year or $250 for three years. Lastly, BMW is offering BMW Online in its new technology suite that features in-car internet browsing via a built-in 3G connection. BMW's 2014 models are trickling into dealerships starting now. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)