BMW Makes Real-Time Traffic Software Available From Home Computers

By Jacob Brown | August 15, 2011
For the first time, subscribers to BMW ConnectedDrive can now access real-time traffic information from any internet-connected device via a newly launched website from the German automaker. Previously, the services included in BMW ConnectedDrive could only be accessed through the BMW iDrive infotainment system. With the ability to monitor traffic reports and plan routes, BMW ConnectedDrive uses local traffic data and anonymous vehicle patterns such as speed and traffic flow to warn subscribers of delays or other holdups. Now, customers can access their travel plans online from Using the data it receives, BMW ConnectedDrive is able to find alternative routes and calculate exact times of arrival. The program also has the ability to suggest alternative routes on the fly as it senses changes in traffic patterns slowing traffic down through an email notification. By programming in a time of arrival, ConnectedDrive can even suggest departure times to ensure punctuality. In addition to expanding the ConnectedDrive service outside the car, BMW will make a dedicated smartphone application of its traffic-sensing software available beginning this fall. Source: BMW

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