BMW Planning i4 and i5 Electric Cars to Fill Green Lineup

By Jacob Brown | August 22, 2011
If you thought BMW’s electric car division would be stopping with the i3 city car and i8 sports car, think again. Word has it that BMW is planning to introduce two additional cars. Reportedly called the i4 and i5, the cars will help create a full lineup of electric BMWs to complement the company’s plug-in efforts. The BMW i4 will reportedly share its platform and electric motor with the compact i3 hatchback. Expect performance upgrades, though, and a coupe-like shape. The i4 may also get a two-cylinder diesel option to serve as a power generator and range extender for the electric motor. For the i5, the U.K.’s AutoExpress reports that the car will be a midsize luxury sedan and use the same electric motors as the i8 supercar. It is expected to be paired to the same 1.5-liter diesel three-cylinder engine, too, but may not keep the same 349-horsepower output rating as the i8. Both the i4 and i5 are expected to retain the carbonfiber reinforced plastic structures as the i3 and i8 to maintain rigidity and light weight. Source: AutoExpress
  • BMW I3 And I8 Concepts Front Quarter
  • BMW I3 And I8 Concepts Front Quarter White Background
  • BMW I3 Concept Front Quarter
  • BMW I3 Concept Side
  • BMW I8 Concept Birdseye View
  • BMW I8 Concept Front Quarter
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