BMW Smart Key Opens Car, Pays bills

By Automotive Staff | October 22, 2008
Imagine being able to buy things with your car key. Well, imagine no longer. It is about to become reality. BMW is coming out with a key fob equipped with a microchip that can be used on a car and as a credit card. The technology was developed by NXP which has partnered with BMW. The idea is to intertwine the car with more life style activities and to allow us all to carry fewer things and still get as much if not more done. Right now the BMW Smart Key is a prototype. Some infrastructure needs to be created for the widespread and secure use of the system. Our take? Pardon our cynicism, but we suddenly see robberies go on the rise after the first Smart Keys are released. Amazingly, it won't be for the keys themselves: hackers could simply walk by owners and obtain their key info wirelessly. via Motor Authority

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