BMW tells Audi to make a Move. Any move

By Automotive Staff | April 15, 2009
BMW and Audi, apparently not satisfied beating each other on the racetrack, are taking their rivalry to the Golden state and to the billboards. What? Per BMWblog: BMW and Audi are dueling again, but this time, onto the “marketing battle field”. And what would be the best place to do so other than the one of the top states when it comes to car luxury sales: California. In Santa Monica, Audi has put up some billboards showing the all new Audi A4 along with the headline: “Your move, BMW”. BMW took on the challenge and entered a virtual chess game ….of course, with cars rather than pons, kings or queens. Our take? After wiping the tears from our eyes, we strongly suggest BMW and Audi take their little "ad war" to a proper medium like Youtube. Or a reality show.