Buick Teaches Drivers How to Get Better MPGs with Smartphone Games

By Jacob Brown | January 30, 2012
How smart is your smartphone? If you asked it how to hypermile or get better fuel economy, you might be out of luck. We tried to ask Apple's Siri, and all we got from her was a bunch of snark. Fortunately, Buick sees the need for this information, so it has released three smartphone games in a suite designed to raise awareness about how to get better gas mileage using Buick's eAssist mild hybrid technology. It's also called Buick's PR team thinking up a practical idea for how to spread brand awareness. "Consumers today want purposeful technology in the products they buy," says Buick's Tony Disalle, the U.S. vice president of marketing. "Buick is offering exactly that with the fuel-saving eAssist."
The suite of games is available free for download in both the Apple App Store and Android Market. The games include Regeneration Road, a game that highlights how to properly use regenerative braking in stop-and-go driving; Roll and Boost, a game that helps players stretch the power of the electric motors farther; and Wind Tunnel Tester, a game that teaches users about how spoilers and roof racks, among other add-ons, can affect fuel mileage. Buick is using the three games to teach drivers how to stretch a gallon of gasoline with driving techniques—something most people probably don't completely understand. In addition, GM engineer Dan Cottrell happily extends his advice for getting better fuel economy:
  1. Be light with the gas pedal and avoid hard braking. Smooth driving saves fuel.
  2. Low-rolling resistance tires can make a big difference. They can help you coast longer without having to use the gas pedal.
  3. Aerodynamics can help significantly. Avoid bulky items or carrying things on a roof rack if it's not necessary.
Despite being promotional materials to explicitly advertise the benefits of the 2012 Buick LaCrosse eAssist and 2012 Buick Regal eAssist, Buick brings up a good point for all drivers of all cars: Don't drive like a bat out of hell, and you'll get better fuel economy.
Source: Buick