Buick to Bring Ultra-Luxury LaCrosse GL to L.A. Auto Show

By Jacob Brown | November 10, 2011
There used to be a notion when Detroit iron still ruled the road that you’d buy a Buick because the Cadillac badge seemed far too ostentatious. Buick gave up little in the way of luxury, but it appeared a far more prudent purchase. That Buick business model of yore looks to be back by way of the Buick LaCrosse GL concept that is premiering next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show’s media days. It displays the future direction General Motors’ midlevel brand may take with its interior design and exterior accenting. Loaded with luxury touches, the LaCrosse GL is meant to evoke experiences of “fine cuisine, heirloom objects, and enriching experiences the brand’s customers savor.” That quote came right from the press release; I didn’t make that up.
Inside, the LaCrosse GL uses a two-color palette for the leather scheme that intersperses dark cocoa brown- and caramel chocochino-colored leather on the dashboard and seats, seamed together with exposed, contrasting French stitching. The seats have a curved stitching that Buick says looks like waves of desert sand; we say it looks a bit 1990s-tastic. The headliner uses real suede—not synthetic Alcantara as in many luxury cars—and the wood is aged to resemble the finish on Gibson Les Paul guitars. Outside, the car is finished in cabernet red, complemented by satin-finish chrome to exude a “quiet confidence” aesthetic. The wheels are 20-inchers that look similar to those on the sporty Regal GS. Buick officially calls the LaCrosse GL a design study, which means that it’s evaluating how the color and material schemes look on a production-like mockup. With the Cadillac XTS also debuting next week, we’d be surprised if Buick put this model into production to step on Cadillac’s toes. But sometimes the best part of a concept is the knowledge that a brand could do it if it really wanted. Source: Buick