Buick Tries to Shed Dinosaur Image By Dodging Dinosaurs

Buick has introduced its new commercial campaign for the 2013 Buick Encore. The 30 second spot features different dinosaurs and small tidbits about the car itself. While the dinosaurs are of course symbolic--acting as stand-ins for other vehicles--the CGI thunder lizards steal the show, as they are more interesting than the Buick trying to maneuver around and between them. The video opens up with a comedic scene of a dinosaur trying to "parallel park" itself in between two other dinosaurs. It ends up backing into a fire hydrant right next to a parking meter cop, who just shakes her head. Next, we see the 2013 Buick Encore maneuver around different dinosaurs in its path, whether that’s around the bodies or under the legs. While the commercial is playing, there's a voiceover going through some of the features of the new Buick. Terms such as age, evolved, smarter, and nimble are used, which tie in to the overall theme of the commercial. However, the only real thing we learn about the Encore is that it seats five and has Intelilink. The video ends with the line, "Clearly, the next big thing in luxury is small."
The irony of this video is clear from the moment it starts. Buicks have long been considered old, and sometimes outdated. Although it might have been trying to shake its "dinosaur" image by throwing it onto other brands, Buick has just reminded us of this. It's unclear what this video will do to pull in younger buyers, but one thing is clear: kids everywhere will be saying the same thing, "Daddy, I want a dinosaur!" Source: Buick via YouTube