Buy a new house, get a Toyota Prius

By Joel Arellano | September 05, 2006
The real estate market has softened slightly as interest rates continue to increase (albeit slightly.) Most sellers adjust their prices to meet the lessening demand. Some, though, resort to different tactics. Case in point: Clarum Homes.The developer had five homes to sell on its Pajaro Vista senior community. As an incentive, it threw in a Toyota Prius hybrid into the deal. According to marketing vice president Nicole Gittleson of Clarum, it was John Suppes, founder of Clarum, who decided on the incentive. The developer specializes in environmentally friendly homes. Suppes believed that the Prius would fit his company’s philosophy better than lower prices. Our take? A very interesting move. Note that the demand for certain hybrids like the Prius are high enough that even used cars are selling at near new car prices.
Via Santa Cruz Sentinel