Buying Modified Used Cars

By Automotive Staff | July 17, 2008
Our fellow enthusiasts across the pond recently gave some great advice when buying a used vehicle that had been, uh, "altered." First, we humans are a curious sort. We like to be individualists. We want our processions to be marked as our own. It can’t look like anyone elses. That’s why the car modification business has proven to be so successful. But what happens to these cars when the owner finds it is time to sell it? According to RAC Inspection, a company that inspects cars for sale, buyers of modified cars should not be fooled by the “bling.” They caution that prospective buyers should have the car totally checked out. If not, there could be some nightmares. For example, one RAC Inspector employee remembers checking out a Peugeot 106 that had big wheels and fitted sports springs. The car had been lowered so much that the tires were rubbing against the wheel arches and the process had rubbed away some paint and some of the inner liner of the inner wings. And that resulted in rusting.
Our take? These and other nightmares should push you into getting the next modified car you may want to buy inspected by professionals. That, or negotiate the hell of the price down. You can then strip the car, sell the mods, and use the cash to add your own bling. via Auto Industry