By Popular Demand: GM Won't Charge for RemoteLink Mobile App Services

By Matthew Askari | June 05, 2013
Possibly because of the popularity and increasing development of remote start, and remotely locking or unlocking your doors, General Motors says it won't charge new customers for use of its RemoteLink Mobile App services. Remote start allows buyers to turn on their car even if they are far away, particularly handy in cold-weather states, where you can start the car from inside your home or office to give it a couple minutes to warm up. The ability to remotely lock or unlock your car can come in handy in instances where you can't remember if you locked the car when you left it.
Currently the services are available for OnStar subscribers, but to use the GM RemoteLink Mobile App features, you have to pay a monthly fee. GM will waive this fee for buyers of 2014 model year cars, for the first five years.  Companies such as Hyundai already have remote start, and remote locking features available on an iPhone app, that the owner of the vehicle can access. The mobile app features allow for a greater range than key-fob only options, such as those offered on several Chrysler vehicles, though Chrysler partner Fiat has developed a similar app for the Fiat 500e. With no charge to users, we expect use of the app to increase sharply. GM says 1.5 million people have already downloaded the app, and over 320,000 customers use it regularly.
Source: GM