Cadillac Announces New Traffic Safety Technologies

By | February 26, 2013
With the rigors of the daily commute, Cadillac has added new safety technologies onto three 2013 models, including the Cadillac ATS sport sedan. This technology package uses cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and automatic braking to prevent collisions and to make traffic situations safer, whether on a congested freeway or in your driveway. "The mall parking packed with cars making it difficult to see what's coming, or the parking deck at work, or the stop and go of a freeway commute-these are hassles that drivers navigate every day. Cadillac Driver Assist can help make these situations less treacherous and maybe more bearable," said James Bell, General Motors head of consumer affairs, in a statement. Some driver assist features include full-speed adaptive cruise control that helps manage acceleration and braking, rear cross-traffic alert that scans all areas adjacent to the car on each side when backing out of a parking spot, and a rear-vision camera that allows the driver to see directly behind the vehicle when in reverse. Other features include the automatic front and rear braking that applies emergency braking in certain situations if a vehicle is detected in front or behind the car, and forward collision alert that vibrates the driver's seat when approaching a stationary or moving vehicle too quickly.
The Driver Assist package will also be available on the XTS luxury sedan and SRX crossover. Bell said, "Most of us think of driving a luxury car on open roads, and of course cars like the new ATS sport sedan are right at home doing that, but traffic and parking situations are way more common. A great car should help you in those conditions, too." Source: Cadillac