Cadillac Begins ATS Production, Arrives In Dealers This August

By Blake Z. Rong | July 26, 2012
Production of the 2013 Cadillac ATS, the newest member of the Cadillac family, is now underway in Michigan. The Lansing Grand River assembly plant also builds the CTS lineup, and saw numerous financial and human upgrades to accommodate the ATS: GM invested $190 million to get the plant ready, and added 600 jobs for a second shift. Cadillac will need to build as many as it can to recoup its investments: after spending $500 million on developing the BMW fighting ATS, it aims to sell around 50,000 annually. It will export the ATS to international markets later this year, after August. In Europe, where Cadillac's fortunes and cachet are meager by comparison, GM is seriously considering selling wagon and diesel variants there—it certainly believes that the ATS is the right size for a luxury compact.
And when Keith Buglewicz drove the ATS recently, he found that Cadillac will have little problem selling the ATS—it manages to "live up to all the Nurburgring-themed hoopla that Cadillac has been feeding us for months."