Cadillac: Chinese Luxury?

By Matthew Askari | April 13, 2012
These days you have to go out of your way to buy something that's not made in China. For the Chinese, a two-decade-long burgeoning economy has meant mushrooming wealth and growing appetites for luxury and foreign goods, and that includes luxury cars. European automakers have taken note, and sales in China have been growing exponentially. Not to be left out of the party, Cadillac wants to bring iconic American luxury to town. But it appears even Cadillac will slap a made-in-China label on its cars. According to a report in the Detroit News, Cadillac is looking to the new frontier of luxury auto sales, and has decided to begin production of its all-new XTS sedan in China later this year. The new Cadillac ATS and mid-size CTS sedan will follow. The Chinese-made Cadillacs will help the automaker side-step pricey import tariffs. It's also part of a larger plan to use China as an anchor for the region. GM chairman and CEO Dan Akerson said last year the company would look to make its Chevy and Cadillac brands truly global. In any scenario, a global automaker of the future can't overlook a market as large as China. Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac marketing, believes the path for Cadillac is clear: "For many Chinese, the pursuit of luxury is really the pursuit of life. It's ambition, it's striving, it's moving forward, so there's almost this magnetic pull to luxury goods and services." Cadillac currently has 50 dealerships in China, a number it hopes to double in the next year or two, according to David Caldwell.
Source: The Detroit News