Cadillac CTS: Check ?D? for Diesel

By Joel Arellano | January 24, 2007
Motor Trend Blog posts that our neighbours across the pond will be getting our CTS. But GM, apparently learning from the BLS, which currently languishes showrooms, will equip the larger sedan with a diesel engine. With gasoline (“petrol”) heavily taxed, European roadways are dominated by diesels. Critics lambasted GM when the BLS’ debuted without a diesel engine. The CTS will suffer little with its 3.0 liter V6 provided by GM partner VM Motori. Generating 245 horsepower,America's answer to sporty luxury will be more than capable to match the Germans on their home turf. Course, it’ll be interesting to see Europe’s reaction when they see the CTS’ new grill. Sunglasses, anyone? Via Motor Trend Blog