Cadillac Cue First with HD Radio Standard, Apparently

By Matthew Askari | December 07, 2011
HD radio has been around forever it seems, and while it's a standard feature on certain models, no automaker has taken the leap to include the technology as a standard feature on its infotainment system. Cadillac, which recently introduced its new CUE, is including HD radio on its latest sedan, the 2013 XTS. Cue differentiates itself from other systems by featuring iPhone style usability. In an era of smartphones, people interacting with touch-screens has become commonplace. Swiping an index-finger across a screen or tablet, pressing or tapping an icon, expanding a digital image by dragging your fingers away from each other— this is how we communicate and access information. Cadillac is acknowledging our learned behavior and importing smartphone usability to the CUE, or Cadillac User Experience. Based around an eight-inch LCD touch-screen, CUE was promised to include a number of industry firsts, and standard HD radio appears to one such example. Cadillac's newest infotainment system will debut in 2012 on the 2013 Cadillac XTS sedan, and later on the 2013 ATS sedan, and 2013 SRX crossover.
Source: Cadillac