Cadillac Discovers to Be a Luxury Brand, You Have to Offer Luxury Everywhere

By Matthew Askari | April 27, 2012
Cadillac has long been synonymous with American luxury, but these days the stakes are higher. To be considered a true luxury brand, it's not about just delivering a high-end product, but a luxurious experience as well. True luxury involves customer experience and a positive association with the brand. Kurt McNeil, vice president of Cadillac sales and service, said "while we've performed fairly well in customer service, we sensed a bigger opportunity. We call the approach Defining Moments." While that may sound like the title of a Hallmark graduation card, McNeil insists it refers to "the fact that every interaction with a customer can potentially define our brand." The automaker even partnered up with the Ritz-Carlton— renowned for its customer service worldwide— to provide training for its internal and dealership staff. Cadillac is also touting its Shield Program, which provides roadside assistance and courtesy transportation while your car is being serviced. This may be in response to what many German luxury dealers have been doing for years, but better late than never. Even automakers not traditionally associated with luxury such as Hyundai have began programs for higher-end models in which a dealer representative will come to your home with a loaner vehicle, saving you a trip to the dealership when your car requires service. Still, to stay competitive with a host of new luxury models, the recognition of the overall experience is an important one, and a step in the right direction for Caddy. And the timing is crucial as the automaker will have two all-new models, the 2013 Cadillac XTS and the 2013 Cadillac ATS, go on sale this year. Source: Cadillac
The Ger
The Ger

Having fresh coffee, juice and some continental breakfast food (donuts, croissant, bagels) in the customer service waiting area always impresses me.