Cadillac Fixing Unresponsive CUE Infotainment System

By | February 06, 2013
The Cadillac User Experience infotainment system--also known as CUE--is a great jump in technology for the brand, with a touchscreen interface and center panel that uses "haptic feedback" to provide a more intuitive interaction. However, the system's feedback is laggy and unresponsive, and complaints have poured in. Cadillac is aware of the problem and is set on fixing it so owners can enjoy the technology they paid for. Later on in 2013, Cadillac will be launching an update to the CUE system, hoping to improve the feedback on both touchscreen controls and virtual buttons. "We're hearing about our haptics and the desire for quicker responses," said CUE's design manager Jeff Massimilla. The update will be available on the Cadillac XTS and ATS, rectifying speed and immediacy of responses. Cadillac dealers will handle the upgrades, regardless of the embedded data connection of the CUE-equipped models. "The Cadillac customer expects the dealership to do the work," commented Massimilla. Comfort is something Cadillac hopes to achieve with its new technology, and with the help of the software update, it will be closer to its goal. With the addition of a possible hybrid approach of both touchscreens and traditional dials, future Cadillac vehicles will no doubt reach this goal. Source: Wired
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