Cadillac May Steal Chevrolet Volt's Electricity

By Automotive Staff | October 05, 2007
The Chevrolet Volt concept, darling of GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, may not end being a Chevy after all. After being introduced at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), there has been much speculation that the car would be produced by 2010. Featuring GM's E-flex engine architecture, which allows for numerous variations of the plug-in/gas hybrid drivetrain, the Volt was to be GM's, and more significantly Chevrolet's foray into the hybrid marketplace. It seems now however, that Chevrolet may not get its "green" halo car. Motor Trend reports that, having promised exceptional performance from its drivetrain, it seems now that in order for GM to make good it will require costly, leading edge technologies. This in turn leads to higher vehicle prices. Chevrolet (outside of the Corvette) really isn't a great brand to market an expensive, technological, tour-de-force under. Cadillac however, is. Just like any other luxury brand, its consumers are more willing to pay for new tech (self parking Lexus anyone), and in many ways expect it. A unique, complex, hybrid powered, stylish Cadillac would be perfect for the segment and perfect for Cadillac as well. Our take? We think such a plan would be a big mistake. The Volt's main competitor, Prius, is aimed at the regular consumer and it's in that segment that hybrids will get the most scrutiny and, as Toyota is proving, the most sales. We're beginning to suspect that GM is returning to its old ways, focusing on getting cash upfront now (remember SUVs?) as opposed to sustaining the company long-term.