Cadillac Struggles with 'Relevance,' ELR Key for New Image

By | November 13, 2013
Cadillac has long been an icon of success and luxury, and in recent years, the automaker has struggled to stay in the forefront of the consumer's mind. One of the company's main issues was always thought to be age, but as Cadillac's newest CMO pointed out, the brand's biggest problem is being relevant. Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac CMO and former BMW head of brand strategy, wants to position the brand as technologically elegant and moving in a forward direction. Ellinghaus told Forbes that what Cadillac needs to build upon "is the uniqueness of Cadillac and differing aspects from the other car brands." "I accepted this job because I was not asked to emulate the success recipe of BMW," he continued. "Even if I were able to, I wouldn't recommend going doing that road because branding is about differentiation and not similarity."
How is Cadillac, with the help of Ellinghaus, expected to overcome being irrelevant? The new CMO plans to use the new ELR plug-in hybrid to get the company back in the game. Other automakers like Tesla and BMW have seen success with their high-end version of electric vehicles, and Cadillac hopes to enter that market. The ELR features innovative technology and a premium design shown in its exterior and interior styling, and it offers a good electrical mileage range and low emissions. Although electric vehicles have been getting some negative press, especially Tesla with its Model S vehicles catching fire, this may help or hurt the Cadillac ELR when it makes its official debut. Even with this possibility, Ellinghaus still believes the ELR "will be the best lever to get people to think twice about Cadillac." Source: Forbes