Cadillac to Build BMW X3 Fighter?

By Matthew Askari | January 12, 2012
Fresh off the unveil of the all new 2013 Cadillac ATS in Detroit comes news that the American automaker is considering a small luxury SUV to compete against BMW's popular X3. BMW has seen a four-fold increase in sales with its latest X3, and Cadillac currently doesn't offer a luxury crossover in the same size category. In a vague statement that says nothing but suggests much, Cadillac's vice president of sales, Kurt McNeil, said "We're looking at options there. The fact that Cadillac is becoming more of a global brand will certainly play a role in that decision." In the lead up to the ATS debut, Cadillac didn’t mince words. The American luxury automaker repeatedly said the car was "tuned on the autobahn," and engineers persistently tested the cars handling at the famous Nurburgring, which happens to be a known testing site for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other German powerhouses. Essentially, the ATS was made to be a BMW 3 Series fighter, so an X3 fighter would not only seem a real consideration, but a likely one at that. BMW's SUVs and crossovers seem to be drawing a lot of attention these days, as Audi recently announced they would build an Audi Q6, to directly compete with the BMW X6. Luxury crossovers have fared well of late, Cadillac's SRX sport-utility saw an increase in sales last year to the tune of 11 percent. Cadillac could take the SRX blueprint and shrink it down to X3 size. With Caddy emerging in 2012 with fresh momentum and new models to hit showrooms, it wouldn't surprise us to see them continue to enter new segments.
Source: Automotive News (subscription required)