Cadillac to include an iPad, Extensive Customer Service Network with Every XTS, ATS Purchase

By Trevor Dorchies | May 09, 2012
More automakers continue to update the user interfaces for their vehicles' infotainment systems but many are tough to comprehend.  Ford has seen firsthand what happens when an infotainment system is tough to use, while rival Chrysler enjoys a steady stream of compliments with its Uconnect. Ford in response has recently issued an update for its MyFord Touch which made it much easier to interact with. Cadillac is joining the ranks of automakers making sure its infotainment system is simple and easy. CUE is Cadillac's version of an in-vehicle navigation and entertainment system and is set to launch in the upcoming XTS and ATS sedans. As part of the launch of its  "Cadillac User Experience", the luxury automaker is including an iPad with the purchase of every 2013 XTS sedan. Cadillac is overturning every stone to ensure the consumer receives training on how to properly use CUE. Included in each iPad is the CUE app, OnStar Remotelink app, and the MyCadillac app. Of the aforementioned three apps, the CUE app is possibly the most modern as it imitates CUE's screen and even its functions as it would look on the actual system. With these iPad apps, users can acclimate themselves to the system whenever and wherever they want to. For XTS owners, the MyCadillac app tells where the nearest dealership which you can schedule service appointments all by the touch of a screen. It acts as a way to view the owner's manual, too. You can also call for roadside assistance with the app, track where you parked, and lock and unlock the vehicle. While the XTS is in motion, users can open the MyCadillac app and see real time information about the vehicle and its systems. In addition to the iPad apps, Cadillac went ahead and trained 25 Connected Customer specialists who will be touring the United States to support the launch of CUE. Every Cadillac dealership will have a technology expert on hand at all times  who help with customers. As for the customer service call center, Cadillac will employ people who are familiar with mobile technology and vehicle infotainment systems. Whenever someone purchases a new XTS or ATS, Cadillac will call the new owner through CUE to give a personal point of contact if the owner has any questions.'s take: It remains to be unseen whether or not Cadillac's efforts will follow Chrysler's success or have a few hoops to jump through before getting it right like Ford did with MyFord. The apps and service network appear to be comprehensive and if Cadillac can stay on top of it, GM has hit a walk-off homerun. Source: Cadillac