California Automaker Coda Developing "Entry-Level" Electric Vehicle for U.S.

By Trevor Dorchies | April 25, 2012
Coda Automotive, which is currently in its infant stages as an automaker, told the Detroit News yesterday that it's working on an "entry-level" electric vehicle for the United States. It will build this EV in partnership with Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors. Coda boss Phil Murtaugh said the California-based start-up automaker plans to roll out its new EV by the middle of 2014. The new vehicle by Coda will be based on a Great Wall vehicle already in service; the company doesn't currently build an EV, but it has one on display at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The unnamed Coda EV will be the first all-electric vehicle by the automaker to see global distribution in the North American, Chinese, and European markets. Coda has sworn its EV will be the "most affordable EV on the market, comparable to entry-level internal combustion engines." Seeing as how purchase price has been a major stumbling block for EV adoption, that could make the new Coda popular if gas prices continue to rise. Both Coda and Great Wall employees will develop the new EV at facilities in both Los Angeles and Baoding, China. Great Wall will be responsible for the sub-assembly at its manufacturing facility in Baoding, and vehicles intended for the U.S. market will be assembled at Coda's stateside facility. Coda also announced Tuesday that it has withdrawn its application with the Energy Department for a loan to build vehicles here in the United States. As part of the proposed loan, Coda had promised it would build its vehicles in Ohio; while Ohio is still on the table as a possible short-term site to build the Coda EV, no long-term plans have been divulged.
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