California Couple Takes Delivery of First 2013 Honda Fit EV

By Jacob Brown | July 25, 2012
The Honda Fit EV has reached U.S. shores, and more importantly, the garage of longtime Honda owners Matt and Becky Walton. This month, the couple took delivery of the first 2013 Honda Fit EV in the U.S. The first all-electric Honda to make it to the U.S. since the Honda EV Plus of the late-1990s, the Honda Fit EV uses a 123-horsepower electric motor paired to a 20-kilowatt-hour battery to stretch a an EPA-estimated driving range of 82 miles, six more miles than the competing 2012 Nissan Leaf. Whereas you can actually buy a Nissan Leaf, Honda will be offering the 2013 Fit EV for lease initially in just California and Oregon, expanding out east in its limited production eventually. It will only be available in a least program for $389 per month for three months. Honda believes the technology makes more sense to lease at the moment, as it will very quickly change and improve over the next few years. Still, that didn't deter the Walton family.
"It's truly an honor to take delivery of the first Honda Fit EV and participate in the advancement of all-electric vehicles in the real world," said Mr. Walton in a statement that sounds suspiciously like it was crafted by a public relations manager. "The Honda Fit EV is not only a sustainable and energy efficient transportation option with the highest fuel-efficiency rating of any EV, but it has the added bonus of being fun-to-drive and can fully recharge from empty in less than three hours." The Waltons began buying Hondas back in the 1970s when they were considered just a West Coast fad. But they've stuck with the automaker through thick and thin. Currently, they have a Honda Odyssey minivan to complement the Fit EV. As they were the first to sign up through Honda's website, they jumped to the head of the line when this car came up, taking delivery at their dealership just north of Los Angeles. We'll be eager to see how they, and other Honda Fit EV customers, go through their ownership process, as the technology is still very new and will continue to be developed for upcoming vehicles like the plug-in Honda Accord sedan. But as the Waltons have shown, someone has to be the first to take the plunge on new technology. We wish them the best. Source: Honda