California’s “Tinkerbell’s Law” Will Outlaw Holding Your Pet

By Automotive Staff | May 14, 2008
You have no doubt seen them on the highways and byways of this great nation of ours. Little dogs peeping their heads over the steering wheel of a Cadillac Escalade, paws at 10 and 2. Usually as you drive past you find the owner isn’t really minding the road all that well, what with their dog in one hand. This, according to the state of California, is a problem. This is why California is currently working on passing a bill that would outlaw carrying your dog in the front seat. What on earth will Paris Hilton do when her precious Chihuahua named Tinkerbell cannot ride on her lap in the in the front seat of the Bentley? And speaking of Paris, due to the "star of nothing"'s proclivity for “little dog in her lap” offences while driving, some have nicknamed it “Tinkerbell’s Law.” While the fine will only be $35 if the bill passes, we do wonder what will happen to possible repeat offenders like Hilton? Will we be forced to undergo another week of non-stop coverage of Paris Hilton in jail just because of profligate doggie endangerment? In all seriousness, a small pet loose in an automobile can be a danger. According to Bill Maze, the California Assemblyman behind the bill, “You have a potential major risk of an automobile accident when you have a live pet that can be around your face, in the steering wheel, down on the floor under your feet. “ Huh? While we agree a small dog down by the gas and brake pedals could be a big problem, we don’t really know of any live pets that like to burrow into the steering wheel. Is that a characteristic of some new breed of Shih Tzu we haven’t heard of yet? We aren’t really big fans of over-legislating every last aspect of human existence, but this one seems like a no brainer. Anyone else in the car can be holding the dog, the person in the driver’s seat should be driving.
via Baltimore Sun