Canadian Auto Workers Nearly Striking for Hard Bargain

By Automotive Staff | March 20, 2008
We guess the Detroit Three are sure glad that negotiations with the United Auto Workers here in the states are over. There was the sword of a strike hanging over negotiations and there was even a short -- very short -- strike. But things were worked out fairly well. Now part suppliers have to deal with Canadian Auto Workers -- the CAW. And these negotiations are being influenced by a possible strike which could shut down Chrysler’s Windsor assembly plant for the second time. According to the Windsor Star, an agreement still has to be made with two of a total of five parts suppliers -- HBPO North America and Dakkota Integrated Systems. The CAW is said to be pushing an hourly wage increase to $15 and an increase to $17 by the end of the agreement. There has been some successes. Workers with Oakley overwhelmingly accepted an agreement which jumps their hourly wages from about $11 to $15 with an increase to $17 by the end of the agreement. But there was that one strike where TRW Automotive was shut down by a six day strike. Our take? With the Canadian dollar (loonie) priced high against the American dollar, both sides are out to get the best deal from the other. But will such goals deteriorate into an all-too familiar downward spiral, again, for the still struggling Detroit Three?