Can't Parallel Park? 2012 Nissan Rogue to Get 360 Degree Camera View

By Jason Davis | November 10, 2011
It seems that with more cars on the road, the DMV doesn't do as good a job filtering out inexperienced drivers. Where the DMV used to require drivers to pass a comprehensive road test that included demonstrated mastery of parallel parking, in some areas, this is no longer the case. To help make up that difference, Nissan is taking the "backup camera" to an entirely new level, introducing a 360-degree camera system to assist with parking in tight spots. “More driver’s license tests have probably been failed due to the applicant’s inability to parallel park than any other task,” said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager of the Nissan Division in North America. “It’s anxiety provoking at best, and risks damage to a vehicle and surrounding property at its worst. Around View Monitor now comes to Rogue drivers’ rescue.”
The Around View monitor features four small superwide-angle cameras mounted on the front, side mirrors, and rear of the vehicle to provide a virtual view of objects around the vehicle. That image data is displayed on the Rogue's dash screen, as seen from above. That's as wordy as we're comfortable getting, but for a visual demo, check out Nissan's video below.

What do you think? Is the 360 degree view an over-hyped gimmick, or is it something you could use in your life? Source: Nissan

Joel A
Joel A

Huh. I think this tech first debuted in the Infinite EX.