Car Gadgets: The Latest Technology

By Automotive Staff | July 13, 2009
There are all sorts of new products on the market today that can assist a car owner.For those interested in digital music, there are stereo systems that can play music from an iPod or other MP3 player. Products that offer such features include the JVC KD-AVX77 El Kameleon which would cost you about $450; and an Audiovox FMM-100 FM modulator that will connect an MP2 player to any radio. This product costs about $48. Some head units can also play music stored on a USB thumb drive or flash memory card. As for calling devices, consider car-specific Bluetooth products that put your phone call through the stereo system. The MK19200 from Parrot costs $250 and connects wirelessly through the Bluetooth and your phone and then wired to your car stereo system. It can also be controlled via voice commands. There is also the Motorola ROKR T505 which is a wireless contraption which can be used in multiple cars to play your phone calls through the sound system. It costs $62.
You can surf the internet from your car with a Autonet router which uses the cellular network to convert to Wi-Fi. The Autonet Mobile costs $400 plus $29 a month. via CNN Money