Car Safety: Past, Present, Future

By Automotive Staff | October 18, 2007
If one thing has become evident in the past few years is that the major automakers are serious -- very serious --about safety. You can see it in the number of airbags now included in cars whether luxury or entry level. You can see it in the new technology that is appearing on luxury cars. Things like obstacle avoidance features that include radar or other types of technology to sense when a car is too close to an obstacle. And there are cameras that provide views of the rear to assist the driver in parking and pulling out of a driveway, etc. These devices are first appearing on the luxury cars. That?s understandable. When they are first introduced, these safety features are relatively expensive. But as the cost of production goes down the technologies are trickling down to the less expensive cars. The technologies being used to avoid collisions include either audio or visual warnings or even vibration. The newer technologies are permitting the car itself to take action to avoid collisions.
More information is available in a survey from ABI Research via Telematics. Our take? While we applaud all these system, we still believe that active driving -- paying attention to the road, not fiddling with one's meal, makeup, or cell phone -- is the best safety feature in any car.