Car Sharing Rising with Gas Prices

By Automotive Staff | September 08, 2008
The cost of gasoline is higher than it’s been for years.So people are looking for ways to redefine what car ownership means. In other words, people are starting to buy into the idea of sharing their car. The concept of car sharing works like this. You buy the right to use a car, not the car itself. Similar to car rentals, you schedule to pick up the vehicle at a certain location, drive it to your location, where it then is taken by something else. With the advent of the Internet and websites, it has become easier to market such groups as car sharers. One leading car sharing service is Zipcar. The company now has 225,000 subscribers and last month alone signed up an additional 11,000. And some rental car companies have announced that they are experimenting with car sharing.
The idea has been around for a while say those in the know. Moreover, the way Americans travel these days either for business or pleasure, it would be more convenient to share a car then to rent one. via Wall Street Journal