Car Technology: The Computer is King

By Automotive Staff | January 22, 2007
It seems that the impossible is possible where cars and gadgets are concerned. The automakers are concentrating more and more on finding an alternative to gasoline. Look at the Chevrolet Volt concept. A car that runs only on electric power and that includes a plug that goes into that outlet at home for recharging. Science-fiction? Nope. Cars are now being introduced that practically drive themselves. (Well, at least for now, they park themselves.) On a more mundane level, there's digital high definition satellite radio and iPods, one of those gadgets that wowed us just a couple of years ago but that we now take fore granted, can now be integrated into the audio system of just about any car. Today's kids are seeing all this and saying, there's nothing that can't be put into the car. Our take? No wonder our kids don't believe us when you tell them that you used to walk three miles in the snow just to get to school. Via Sun Dixie