CarMD Reveals 2010 Repair Costs By State; Arizona Drivers Pay Most

By Joel Arellano | June 29, 2011
To most car-owners, the “Check Engine Light” signals a trip back to the dealership or corner auto repair shop. But to CarMD, it reveals not only a possible engine problem but how much it’s going to cost you as well. And that cost varies per state. CarMD, which provides consumer tools and information on automotive diagnostic repair, found that the average repair cost to be $212.44 in parts and $143.61 in labor. The figures are based on “check light” data from approximately 80,000 repairs made by ASE-certified technicians from January 1st, 2010 through December 31st, 2010. CarMD has been compiling such data since 1996 when it released its first annual CarMD Vehicle Health Index report this year. Some of the report’s more interesting information include:
  • Arizona automobile owners pay, on average, $421.49 on total parts and labor costs or 18% higher than the national average. Washington D.C. residents, on the other hand, pay the lowest at $265.29 or 25% below the national average. Interestingly, our nation’s capitol is one of the wealthiest areas to live according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Arizona is joined by New Mexico, Colorado, California, and Nevada as the most expensive states to repair vehicles. According to CarMD, all-year driving due to the mild weather increases vehicle wear and tear while the dry air and dust break down car parts more quickly. Automobile owners, on average, pay around 13% more than their Midewest counterparts; 11% more than those living in the Southeast; and 5% more than drivers in the Northeast.
  • Oxygen sensor replacement was the number one “check light” issue in 2010 and a major issue since an improper sensor can reduce a vehicle’s fuel economy by as much 40 percent. Alaskans paid the most ($268.22) to replace their vehicle’s O2 sensor whose average cost is $238.71.
Full listing and average total repair cost by CarMD can be found below. CarMD states it releases its report to aid both car owners and repair technicians on the importance of regular maintenance. Art Jacobsen, vice president, Corporation, said in statement: “We are releasing this data to empower consumers and technicians with a better understanding of common repairs and costs, and to call attention to the fact that, regardless of region, drivers who follow a regularly scheduled maintenance program and address small problems early tend to have reduced fuel bills and repair costs. That said, if you live in a state with harsh weather conditions such as Arizona’s heat or North Dakota’s cold, it’s imperative to take care of your car to avoid catastrophic vehicle failures.”
Average “Check Engine” Light Car Repair Costs – 2010 Ranking          State               Average Car Repair Costs (Parts & Labor) 1.                      Arizona                       $421.49 2.                     New Mexico               $406.81 3.                     Colorado                     $397.83 4.                     California                   $394.49 5.                     Nevada                        $393.96 6.                    Washington                $386.62 7.                    Hawaii                         $385.54 8.                    North Dakota            $384.67 9.                    Rhode Island             $384.24 10.                  South Dakota             $374.61 11.                  Utah                              $373.50 12.                 New York                     $370.98 13.                Alabama                       $368.85 14.                Idaho                             $368.17 15.                Massachusetts             $367.07 16.               Connecticut                  $366.79 17.                Oregon                          $364.79 18.               Pennsylvania                $362.90 19.               Illinois                           $361.56 20.              Maryland                      $358.45 21.               New Jersey                    $357.32 22.              Florida                            $352.98 23.               Iowa                               $352.98 24.              Kentucky                       $350.86 25.              Kansas                           $350.86 26.              North Carolina            $349.34 27.              Michigan                      $348.03 28.              Louisiana                      $347.46 29.              Texas                             $347.25 30.              West Virginia              $345.00 31.              Maine                             $344.68 32.              Delaware                      $343.62 33.             Alaska                              $339.06 34.             Georgia                          $338.31 35.             Virginia                           $337.88 36.             Vermont                         $337.88 37.             South Carolina             $336.97 38.             Oklahoma                     $335.49 39.            Arkansas                         $334.35 40.            Wyoming                       $330.88 41.             Montana                        $325.56 42.            Minnesota                      $318.54 43.            New Hampshire           $318.14 44.            Indiana                           $317.33 45.            Tennessee                       $316.64 46.           Mississippi                     $315.43 47.            Nebraska                       $301.79 48.           Wisconsin                      $298.76 49.           Ohio                                 $298.49 50.           Missouri                          $297.27 51.         District of Columbia      $265.29 Source: CarMD

Its a good thing what CarMD can provide to consumers on what should be the problem of an engine and the cost of the repair as well. Also, CarMD compiled a report on every state what an average cost of every repair of an engine. Very cool! However, i am just curious about these CarMD kit? How can it be use? Just wondering.