Caught on Video: Suzuki Kizashi Kicks Road Tour Show Takes on Audi A4, Motorized Sofa

By Joel Arellano | July 06, 2011
Suzuki is injecting some humor into the idea of automakers taking vehicles on the road for consumer test drives with the Kizashi Kicks Road Tour Show, which began on July 1. Car shoppers not only have a chance to test-drive the 2011 Kizashi midsize sedan against competitors, but try out Suzuki’s well-known motorized sofa as well. The motorized sofa is part of the Kizashi Kicks video series in which the Kizashi fought against other cars and “unique” competitors -- like a motorized sofa. Though the sofa is available to check out or ride during the road tour, consumers may be more interested in comparing the sporty sedan against real competitors like the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata. Teen drivers and their parents can also learn more about driving at the on-site teen safety driving clinic, play with remote race cars, and check out concepts and mini-cars normally only found in Japan. Dates and locations of the Kizashi Kicks Road Tour Show:
  • July 22-24     Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Pittsburgh, PA
  • August 5-7     Tour of Elk Grove, Elk Grove Village, IL
  • August 12-14     Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA
  • August 19-21     Altamont Fair, Altamont, NY
  • September 2-5     Champlain Valley Fair, Essex Junction, VT
Kizashi Videos: Suzuki Auto's Kizashi vs. Audi A4 and a Motorized Sofa

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Source: Suzuki