CES 2013: Chrysler Lets Customers Order Navigation System After Delivery with Uconnect

By Jacob Brown | January 07, 2013
Admit it: There have been times when you've gotten into your car and uttered something to the effect of "I wish I ordered it with the navigation system." Chrysler hears you. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Chrysler is debuting a dealer-installed version of its navigation system that can be downloaded into its Uconnect infotainment suite. The benefit? If you own a Chrysler vehicle but didn't feel the need to get the GPS when you ordered the car but do now, it's now possible to get what you want after the fact. And it adds to your car's resale value.
Initially, the Uconnect navigation system will be available in the 2013 Ram 1500, SRT Viper, and 2014 Fiat 500L. Because the hardware is already in the car, all customers need to do is head over to their dealership and have the navigation program downloaded. For those ordering the navigation system after the fact, Chrysler says there's no reason to fret, as it'll come with all the same features as the factory-installed version--and a turn-by-turn audio function, which isn't expected in an aftermarket system. Chrysler already runs all of its servicing diagnostic information through a satellite feed, so the idea of adding another feature through the same feed makes sense. There is no subscription fee for the service. "Sometimes customers don’t realize what they want until they need it,” says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services, in a statement. “That’s fine. We can help. With dealer-activated navigation, we are adopting a ‘no-customer-left-behind’ attitude." Chrysler has not yet announced pricing on the aftermarket system, or how it plans to prevent customers from pirating its navigation software. We'll have more information and pictures of the service later this week when Chrysler shows its new dealer-installed Uconnect system at the Consumer Electronics Show. Source: Chrysler