Chevrolet Camaro Concept Car Has Public Sales Date

By Automotive Staff | November 15, 2006
Finally, those muscle car fans from the 1960s can smile. Chevrolet has announced that its Camaro Concept car will go on sale in early 2009. Some features of the reincarnated Camaro will include independent rear suspension. Apparently not to be outdone, Ford has authorized the production of the Ford Shelby GT. This Shelby model is a retail version of the Shelby GT-H Hertz rental car and includes a 325-horsepower engine and will be available with a six speed manual transmission. In the overall Mustang-Shelby Mustang line, this model fits nicely between the regular Mustang GT and the 500 horsepower, supercharged, Shelby GT500. It is expected to go on sale in January. Ford added that its Lincoln flagship, the MKS, will go on sale in 2008 and replace the Lincoln Town Car. The manufacturer vows that this car will be packed with more technology and features than has ever been seen on any Lincoln before. Additional articles: Upcoming Chevrolet Camaro to go European? GM to build new car based on Zeta platform Via Automobile Magazine